Anti Aging, Wrinkles Reducing and Skin Tightening

R 1,299.00

RF is Radio Frequency, it’s a high-frequency electromagnetic wave which could input electromagnetic energy into dermal layers of the skin, stimulate the dermis, heat the collagen to 45~60 ?, activate the collagen shrinking and re-generating, increase the thickness and density, so it could tighten and lift the loose skin, remove wrinkle and scar, make skin elastic and glossy.

RF (Radio Frequency):

Innovative multi-points RF treatment probes, which output more RF energy, effectively rejuvenate the skin, remove wrinkle and tighten loose skin.

For detoxification, lymphatic drainage & improve blood circulation. High frequency is flowing in the shortest distance between the electrode, according to the speciality of high frequency and resistance of biological tissue. It will produce energy in the easy flowing parts, it means warm feeling into the skin, and the cell metabolism promoted.


Integrating high energy infrared, improve therapeutic efficacy.
Enhance skin elasticity, restore skin luster&elasticit

Special design:
It can use for 3-4 hours continuously after fully charged.
Portable and cordless, easy to carry and use anywhere & anytime.
Inductive design, the treatment probes only get working when touch skin, intelligent and energy-saving.
Low/Medium/High levels for options, fitting for different demands and skin types.
Intelligent low voltage alarm, charging and fully charged indicators.

Advantages :
- Multi-function satisfy different needs of different people.
- Good appearance and small design, portable to personal use.
- Independent charging base, safe and convenient, get rid of the plug.
- Reasonable price and nice-looking with multi-function good for selling.

Target User:
- An adolescent who suffer from acne, redness, inflammation.
- People have ageing skin appearance.
- People who have big pores and rough skin.
- People who have a serious black eye circle and pouch.
- People who have dry skin.

What's in the box
1 X Main Device
1 X Charging Base
1 X Plug
1 X Manual