21 Bulb UV Flashlight - UV Torch

R 139.00
Featuring 21 UV light LED light bulbs, the UV light LED flashlight black light shines exceptionally bright for a small, compact carrier flashlight, emitting a wavelength of 395nm
The UV light LED flashlight black light is useful for crime scene investigation, detecting body fluids, identifying credit card frauds, determining counterfeit money or ID, forged printed materials, inspecting artwork and can aid in increased security through invisible inks, marks and stamps and much more
The pocket-sized UV light LED flashlight is portable, easily fits in the palm of your hand and features an anti-slip textured grip and top carrier loop for easy and convenient handling, transport or travel
Fluorescent Golf Ball Charger
Powered by three AAA batteries (not included); Colour: black; Length: 3.9 inches; Head diameter: 1.4 inches; Wavelength: 395nm; 21 LED light UV light bulbs"