Exfoliating Facial Silicone Brush

R 499.95
✔ULTRASONIC VIBRATION CLEANING: The revolutionary sonic face brush eliminates blemish-causing impurities while remaining exceptionally gentle on the skin. With 5 adjustable intensities, you can customize the proper cleansing way for your skin type. It would turn itself off every 3min to prevent over cleansing.
✔FOOD GRADE SILICONE: Made of high-grade silicone, it is softer and friendly to sensitive skin. 1608 touch points, different sizes of touch points for different areas. Massage the facial muscles while helping to exfoliate.
✔INNOVATIVE CHARGING METHOD: The electrical contacts are completely exposed and there is no need to worry about the device entering the water. This facial brush has a waterproof coefficient of IPX6 so that it can be washed directly. Please make sure that the charging base and the brush are completely dry before charging.
✔INSTANT DIFFERENCE: Add the Omind facial cleansing brush to your daily routine, you will see an instant difference in your face. Your skin will glow like never before!