Michris 1-6L Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Portable Air Purifier

R 5,999.00

They are selling out fast!!

No battery backup.

You will need a inverter to use it in your car.

Supply continuous flow of 1-6L/min
Adjustable delivers a steady stream of up to 90% pure oxygen out of normal air
Mute design and the remote control: 45db quiet, LED touch screen and infrared remote control function,
The machine is equipped with a timing function

Rated Voltage: AC 220V
Operation Noise: 45db
Environment temperature: 32 - 104°F
Relative humidity range: Oxygen Concentration: 30%(±3)-90%(±3), Adjustable
Oxygen Flow: 1L-6L/Min, Adjustable
Power Input: 130W
Anion Output: High Frequency Anion Transmitter, More than 6 Million/cm3