Portable Solar Cooker, Must Have for Picnic, Camping

R 2,999.00 R 2,799.00
Fuel Free and Zero Pollution - No need for fuel or electricity. As long as there is sunshine, you can cook delicious food. No naked flame or smoke to worry about, thus it is safe to be used on such occasions as balcony, park, beach, and field.
Hands-Free - With a vacuum tube cooking chamber, food will be evenly heated. Don’t worry about scorching. Season the food in advance, then put them into the food tray. If you like you could set a time reminder on a mobile phone, then go to play. Just enjoy your leisure time!
High Efficiency - The flexible reflectors could utilize sunlight effectively with about 96% reflectivity. In summer sunny weather, working temperature could reach up to 530°F (270°C) or so. It will take 15 minutes to cook vegetables and 25 minutes to cook a meal. It can also work in winter but should take more time.
Safe and Easy To Clean- Vacuum tube cooking chamber provides insulation to keep heat in and cool out. It is so safe to touch that children can enjoy cooking as well. Each part can be washed with water.
Portable - The package weigh is just 3.5kg and
620mm(L)x70mm(DIA)(inner DIA 53mm)

What's in the box
1 x Solar Cooker