Self-Levelling Green Beam Laser Level Horizontal & Vertical Line

R 2,299.00 R 1,499.00
- Visibility: Are you still worried about the visibility and precision when you use level tool indoor & outdoor? Our 3-in-1 Green laser level takes upgraded chip tech to deliver maximum line laser visibility up to 100ft. Whether it's a strong sunny day or a dark night, its red laser line always has a high visibility to give your home renovations or other DIY projects most precise results.
- Self Levelling: It allows this tool to be used on any flat surface within 4° of horizontal/vertical. Simply place the device where it projects a beam where desired. Once the level is within 4 degrees, internal self-levelling will take over and you’ll get a bright, high-accuracy horizontal and vertical line projected right where you need it. The laser will flash as a warning if it’s not within 4° of level.
- One-Button: If you have tired of tedious operation steps, choose our green laser could save you lots of time and make your job easier. One button operation makes it easy to select Horizontal or Vertical line for indoor or outdoor use. One button controls the laser lines, you could get any angles of the measurement target.
- Two-Mode: Two switching models: lock and unlock. Each of them has three measurement modes: vertical laser, horizontal laser line, cross laser line. Switchable horizontal and vertical beam laser tool could lock the vertical, horizontal and angle position of the measurement target quickly.
- Portable and Durable: Its small and compact, perfect for both small DIY projects (hanging picture frames, mounting shelves, etc.). The EVA storage bag can protect it from suddenly dropping and scratching.
- 4 x AA batteries required. (not included)