Solar Pool Panels

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"Lengthen your swimming season and enhance your swimming experience by means of heating your swimming pool with an easy, cost-effective swimming pool solar panel solution. 1 x Solar panel will heat a pool of 5000L to 7000L Coldwater is simply pumped up to the roof using your existing pool pump and is heated by the solar panels on your roof. The solar panels are made from durable black plastic. The roof and the black solar system absorb the heat from the sun. The heat is transferred into the water and the warm water is returned back into the pool. While this process is repeated and the sun is shining, the temperature of your pool rises. A Solar water heating system is a renewable energy source and works on the principle of using energy from the sun to heat water. Once the Solar panels are installed, your pool will be heated for Free
Solar Panel and Fittings


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- Individual Tube design reduces wind load.
- Rubber grommets allow for expansion and contraction.
- Output Power of 16.5 kW per solar day.
- Weight: empty 7kg/full 14kg.
- Each panel holds 7lt of water.
- Panels are manufactured from a combination of virgin and recycled material.
- Contains 4% UV stabilizers to ensure that the panels don’t bend and become porous in
the sun.
- 3m long and 1.2m wide.
- Aesthetically pleasing black appearance.
- Can be fitted to almost any roof.
- Installation takes less than a day.
- No roof tile failure or Algae growth.
- No clogging of pipes. - It's as Easy as One, Two, Three!
The solar panels can be configured in different ways, but the most common method is to install a continuous row, without any breaks of up to eight panels in a set. If there is a change in the level of the roof or a skylight, your supplier will be forced to break the layout, however, the panels are then linked by means of fittings and connections.

As a rule, solar heating panels are incorporated into an existing filter circuit. The pool pump operates the solar unit at the same time. For this reason, the maximum number of solar panels that can be used will depend on the size and power of the pool pump. It must be able to supply the proper head pressure to pump and circulate the water, through the solar panels effortlessly. Since the heat of the water depends on the amount and intensity of sunshine, cooler water in cold rainy weather is to be expected. The wind also has a cooling effect on the solar panels and therefore it is recommended to add an additional panel or two, to compensate for the loss of heat caused by wind.

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