18V Brushless Impact Drill With 2 X 6A Batteries

R 4,999.00 R 3,699.00
Standard 6.35mm (1/4 inch) hexagon socket, suitable for unidirectional and bidirectional bits of various lengths.
Brushless motor, up to 350 torque, speed up to 3300RPM in high gear.
The high, medium and low speeds are adjustable, and the switch with step-less speed change function is suitable for various working occasions.
Strong exhaust design. The wind is strong, and the heat dissipation is effective.
With overheating/overload current reduction protection system, when the current is overloaded or the machine body is overheated during construction, the machine will continue to work from high current (40A) to low current (18A) without stopping.
LED lighting design.
The shell is designed with high-strength PC material, which is durable and wear-resistant. The handle adopts a rubberized design, which is ergonomic and easy to grasp without hurting your hands.
The remaining battery capacity is displayed on the panel.
International standard power interface design, compatible with international brand batteries.