Michris - Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

R 199.00

Premium Roasted Coffee

We only sell premium, freshly roasted coffee beans

Try our fresh coffee beans and you will not be disappointed. The passion we have for producing the best quality coffee we can create means our customers are always satisfied.


Uganda Bean

A great combination of natural sweetness, full-body, and a hint of burnt sugar.


Brazil Bean

Our single-origin Brazil bean is the darkest roast of all our coffees, with light notes of hazelnut and dark chocolate.

If you enjoy coffee with a punch, this is the one to try.


Master’s Blend

A blend of two single-origin coffees, our Master’s Blend is a well-balanced, medium roast coffee, great for everyday enjoyment. If you are using a French press (plunger), Bialetti, or Aero press at home we would recommend trying his one.