Smart Wireless Car Charger Holder

R 999.00 R 399.00
"Smart Wireless Car Charger Holder

Autostretch | Touch Unlocking | Qi Fast Charging Touch Unlocking

The touch indication area is innovatively designed at the bottom of the holder. When a finger touches it, the holder will automatically unlock and expand. A user can take or place a mobile phone in driving.

Big arm span

This holder has a 10cm holder arm span wide, which is suitable for 4-6.5 inches mobile phone. Powerful motor and high stability and durability

The holder includes an all-metal permanent magnet DC motor with 500G.CM torsion and has the door-lock clamping force. The mobile phone can keep stable and reliable and will not fall off under any condition. Variable-frequency quick charge

According to Qi Quick Charging Agreement, the supply power of 5w to 10w can be dynamically adjusted in different environments to be suitable for various USB interface power supplies. Smart Induction

An infrared induction module is embedded. When an approximating smart phone is induced, the holder will automatically expand. After the mobile phone is well placed in place, the holder will automatically clamp and fix it. "

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